Daily Soup

At Central Montessori School, children and teachers work together to prepare and serve one another, “Daily Soup.” This is not always soup per se. Sometimes is simply sliced fresh fruit and veggies, or homemade bread. But, often it is soup, of pasta, beans, rice, spices and/or seasonal vegetables. Regardless of what it is from day to day, everyday Daily Soup is wholesome, and simply good. Simply good for the body.


What is Daily Soup?

Daily Soup is part of Central Montessori School’s educational curriculum. It is a time when children and teachers come together to prepare, cook, serve and enjoy fresh-cooked foods together. Daily Soup is not a substitute for a child’s parent-prepared snack or lunch. Rather, it is a chance for children to learn the very basics of practical life in the kitchen.

Through Daily Soup, children can try new foods and practice sharing, serving, and manners. They learn that eating healthily is both delicious and very doable with a little forethought and creativity. It is also another opportunity to learn about other cultures, geographic locations, measurements, etc.

Who participates in Daily Soup?

All families with children in Pre-Primary, Primary, Elementary and Middle School programs are required to support our Daily Soup program when they enroll their child in Central. While Toddlers benefit from the program, their families are not required to participate in the Daily Soup Drives or send food to school (though they are welcome to do so in consultation with Toddler guides).

How can we participate in Daily Soup?

Traditionally, participation means that each child brings in one simple food item, each week, ideally on Monday morning. The names of children who bring in food are written on the Daily Soup board in the main office. Those contributions are tracked by the PAC Nutrition Committee.

Alternatively, or additionally, families can participate in Daily Soup Drives –

Twice a year, Daily Soup Drives are held to raise money for Central’s Farm Shares. Families who contribute at least $30 per drive (per child), or $60 for an entire year, are excused from their obligation to send in food on a weekly basis (those families can still send in food if moved to do so). This money is used to purchase weekly shares of fresh produce fresh produce, spices, grains and other ingredients to use in Daily Soup. The September/Fall Daily Soup Drive covers a family’s obligation for the Fall and Winter seasons, while the March/ Spring Daily Soup Drive covers a family’s obligation for the Spring and Summer seasons.

If I send in food, what items can I send in for Daily Soup?

Below are a few of the most used ingredients in Daily Soup:

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruit (some days “Daily Soup” is not “soup” per se, and younger friends enjoy learning to work with softer items like bananas)
  • Bags of dry beans
  • Rice
  • Whole grain pasta (fun shapes encouraged)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper, other basic spices

How do I get our Daily Soup items into the classroom?

Your child can deliver them themselves when they arrive at school.  They love this ownership and participation.  Just mention it to the morning greeters in the office.

I can’t remember how I contributed or when my contributions are due.

If you are unsure of how you have contributed already, just send an email to Sarah Robb at Sarah.Flynn.Robb@gmail.com or to Kathryn Robinson at Kathrynr.rva @gmail.com, or ask in the school office any day and we will check our records and remind you.

What happens if I don’t contribute to the Daily Soup program?

Daily Soup is only possible because of parent support. If support stops for any reason, this wonderful program stops as well. We would hope that each family can realize the enormous pay off that their child, and all others, receives from the collective efforts of families to supply this program with food items. If you do your small part, the program thrives!


Please don’t hesitate to ask your PAC Nutrition Committee members any questions:

Kathryn Robinson: Kathrynr.rva@gmail.com

Sarah Robb: Sarah.Flynn.Robb@gmail.com


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