Daily Soup #2

Another Daily Soup recipe from the Primary Class.  No these are not polished, repeatable recipes, but they get some important points across: kids can do it and they love it, and maybe when you keep it simple, you needn't all those exact meausrements and instructions. Hope this is fun.

Daily Soup #1

Our first installation of a Daily Soup.  As most of you know we are so very fortunate to have a Daily Soup program at Central, where our little ones get to prepare wholesome foods together and serve them to one another.  Along the way, they also record the recipes and our teachers have archived them. …

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Food in the Classroom, Food with Friends

Central Montessori has a very active Daily Soup program.  Everyday, teachers and children prepare a meal that they serve to one another and share.  Parents bring in one simple ingredient each Monday, which can add up to alot of ingredients for a week of meals.  During the months of June to December, Daily Soup ingredients …

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