Daily Soup Roundup: Upper El Edition

OH MY GOSH you guys. I've always been jazzed on the existence of daily soup -- like how cool is it that our kids get to play around with vegetables as part of their curriculum? And to whatever extent they get peer pressured into enjoying their vegetable experiments... BONUS. I don't think I appreciated just …

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It’s Spring Daily Soup Time!

With the Spring 2018 Daily Soup Drive upon us (March 16-29), it seems like a good time for a refresher on this integral program in Central’s curriculum. Please look for flyers and envelopes in your child’s folder to participate in the drive! Or, go to https://squareup.com/store/cms-rva/ to make your payment online. So, uh, what IS …

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Its that time of year again………..Daily SOUP!

As we quickly approach fall it becomes time to run our semi-annual Daily Soup drive! Contributing to Daily Soup is a lovely part of your contract with CMS. The fresh foods are used in classrooms to prepare a delicious vegetarian meal which is shared with all friends. Each family can bring in a piece of …

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Fall Daily Soup

What vegetable brings out that fall feeling more than a beautiful butternut squash? Before the friends in this class enjoyed eating the squash they prepared for their daily soup, they reproduced it with paper, glue and a punch pin, using the seeds from the squash to create their own on paper.