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Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

A group of toddlers spend a rainy afternoon enjoying a special treat baked by one of our toddler parents. Vegan lemon poppy seed muffins! Toddlers love being in the kitchen just like our older kiddos, and this recipe is a … Continue reading

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Toddler Daily Soup

We had some hungry toddlers this afternoon and a large bag of clementines. The perfect time for a group snack! A teacher brings out the childrens’ placemats and bowls while another moves the table so everyone is together. Children wait … Continue reading

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Its that time of year again………..Daily SOUP!

As we quickly approach fall it becomes time to run our semi-annual Daily Soup drive! Contributing to Daily Soup is a lovely part of your contract with CMS. The fresh foods are used in classrooms to prepare a delicious vegetarian … Continue reading

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Lunchbox #22

Sometimes cook-out leftovers are a fabulous lunch option! Orzo with feta and cucumber, Grilled Pork chops, Chopped Salad, Corn, bread and some fruit! Whats in your springtime lunch box?

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Foods from our roots: I want British chips!

Like many other CMS families we are not native Virginians. Jay was identifies himself as West Virginian (born in MD), and I emigrated from the UK in 2000. So the foods of our childhood are different. I love to share … Continue reading

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Healthy Snacks: Some great advice and ideas

Came across this post and I figured it fit nicely with the CMS food policy. Moms Kitchen handbook  provides some great advice on how to tell if grocery store snacks are truly healthy or just packaged effectively! Enjoy! – Sarah P.S Don’t … Continue reading

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Daily Soup: Keep forgetting your check book? New way to donate!

If you’re anything like me when the request for Daily Soup contributions goes out you spend the next few weeks thinking these thoughts ……………..every morning: Daily soup is awesome! Organizing contributions by a farm share is awesome! Oh no I … Continue reading

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