CentralEats is a resource which families in and outside of the Central Montessori School community can share and learn about healthy food ideas.  Please feel free to post comments on specific recipes/ideas.

CentralEats will feature a few types of posts:

  • ideas for dishes that can be prepared at home – breakfast, lunch or dinner – with ingredients that are healthy, simple and wholesome
  • tips on cooking and preparing food that bring greater ease and enjoyment to healthy cooking eating
  • ideas for school lunches that are healthy, relatively easy to prepare and easy for little ones to access and enjoy
  • info on local resources regarding food, including local farms, markets, grocery stores, restaurants, festivals, and the like
  • other resources to expand on the purpose and value of CentralEats

One can sign up for email updates when new posts are put up, or just check in from time to time.  A search bar allows keyword(s) searches of all blog contents.  And, tags and categories are provided for browsing certain types of content.  In general, tags focus on main ingredients of recipes and the subject food of posts, as well as the length of time it takes to prepare meals.  Categories include themes getting at the type of post (e.g. lunchbox), or a theme describing a given recipe (e.g. vegetarian).

Comments are welcome and encouraged.  CentralEats can be much more of a resource with some input from readers.  Thanks for reading and contributing!

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