Daily Soup Roundup: Upper El Edition

OH MY GOSH you guys. I’ve always been jazzed on the existence of daily soup — like how cool is it that our kids get to play around with vegetables as part of their curriculum? And to whatever extent they get peer pressured into enjoying their vegetable experiments… BONUS. I don’t think I appreciated just how creative these kids get with their daily soup fare, though. I mean, just look at this stuff! Makes me feel less bad about those days when Simon’s lunch box comes home basically full. Adopting some of these ideas in my own kitchen in 3… 2… 1.


Here we have (1) diced peppers, garlic, beets, carrot chips, and potatoes with smoked paprika, (2) sautéed zucchini and spaghetti with sauce made from fresh tomatoes, and (3) fried potatoes with oregano salt and pepper, honey drizzled chili peppers and carrots, and black beans with garlic and smoked paprika

Color me impressed. And hungry.

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