The Mix ‘n Match Meal Plan

So just over a month ago, we welcomed a new baby into the family. He’s super cute, but not a very good help in the kitchen (yet). We’re slowly but surely working our way toward a new normal, with a LOT of help from a big group of gracious families who have been periodically bringing us dinner over the last few weeks.

As we work toward establishing a new routine as a new family of four, the dinners that we do make ourselves have definitely become less planned and less composed (breakfasts and lunches were always this way, so easy transition, there). Once we manage to get back into a regular schedule, maybe dinners will follow suit, but until then, we’re making use of the generosity of friends, takeout, and the mix-and-match meal plan.

This approach to meal planning consists of figuring out how many dinners we’ll be cooking before the next trip to the grocery store, and making sure to choose that many different proteins, starches/grains, and vegetables. This week, without any idea which thing was going to go with what, we got:

  • Sausages, chicken wings, and salmon
  • Broccoli, salad, and zucchini
  • Potatoes, a yellow rice mix, and bread

We’ve so far had salmon with salad and garlic bread, and grilled sausage and zucchini with mashed potatoes. Later on, we’ll make chicken wings with broccoli and rice, and always in the cupboard, we have pasta and canned tomatoes that we can turn into red sauce, and peas in the freezer.

All basic, reasonably healthy, and easy to prepare without too much thought or effort. And thank goodness, since extra thoughts and effort are in short supply these days.

What are your favorite strategies for making your grocery-shopping and food-making life easier? Send all the tips and tricks my way, please 😉

Sarah Blackburn (Simon, Vanessa’s Primary)

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