Gluten-free egg-free peanut-free lunch

Transitioning to egg and peanut-free foods was not too hard, but getting rid of gluten was much more difficult for this carbohydrate-loving mom. Since we cut out gluten, we’ve been on a quest for the perfect bread and spaghetti substitutes. The jury’s still out on bread but this week we have a strong pasta contender, edamame spaghetti from Costco! The flavor doesn’t pair well with tomato sauce but it’s delicious with olive oil. We added a little feta, garlic and salt too.

The kids were excited and wolfed down their ‘paghetti at dinner so we packed the leftovers for lunch.

Xavier got edamame spaghetti, mashed potatoes, bratwurst, apples, and carrots with cucumber ranch dressing. We often use tzatziki, a cucumber and yogurt dip (pictured above, also from Costco) with their veggies instead.

Demetri got the same lunch but I subbed out the mashed potatoes with pistachios.

What are your favorite egg and gluten-free pastas?

Jessica (Demetri – Venessa’s class, Xavier – toddler room)

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