Lunchboxes #73-77

Hope you all are having a wonderful break! Here are some lunch ideas to get you ready for Thursday’s return to school (YAY!)…

Box #73, the “we just got back from vacation last night and our fridge is empty except for last night’s Chinese takeout” box: Chicken & veggie stir fry, rice, cheese, apple slices, and (lots of) peanut butter.img_2922

Box #74: Broccoli salad (garlic & honey mustard dressing, dried cherries, sunflower seeds), baked spiced chicken thighs, dinner roll, strawberriesimg_2810

Box #75: Pita & cheese, baked fish, roasted red peppers, (un)frozen peasimg_2836

Box #76: Egg salad, cornichons & pistachios, pita bread, celery, blueberriesimg_2847

Box #77: Corn salad (corn, tomatoes, bell pepper, basil, thyme, lime juice, olive oil, salt & pepper), broiled salmon (honey, lime, olive oil), feta cheese, strawberriesimg_2928

Sarah Blackburn (Simon, pre-primary)

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