Lunches #69-71

Last week, I moved from my regular two plastic containers (with two sections each) to the stainless steel bento box. Sophia was cleaning up those containers and coming home hungry, so I needed something that could hold more food, and I didn’t want to add one more container. So here are three of the lunches I sent her last week on her new bento box. All three, save from a couple of broccoli florets, came home empty!

Box #69: Scrambled eggs with onion, potatoes, spinach, and ham. Pasta with tomato sauce. Watermelon, blueberries and peanuts.01be94dc3c66a4fb37783117ca94c6971ccce76341

Box #70: Whole-grain pancakes, roasted broccoli, blueberries, ham rolls, vegan cheese and pecans.01151806a9f13b46bfc13fd7b94b8e0ab7c8670efa

Box #71: Pasta with tomato sauce. Baked chicken. Spinach, tomato and onion frittata. Strawberries and raisins.01564b727fa2af8ae5f67689b3c62d290ce2f5d8bd


(Sophia – Toddler room)

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