Lunchboxes #64-68

This week, we’ve got some crowd-sourced lunches to include! A million thanks to parents for sending along some new lunchbox ideas – keep ’em coming!

Lesson learned here – bento-style boxes are awesome. Especially with small kiddos, it lets you pack a bunch of smaller portions, giving them options without overwhelming them with giant helpings of food. Plus, they tend to be easy for them to get into themselves. Boxes 64 & 67 are LunchBots, #66 is from SmartPlanet, #67 is an Innobaby platter, and #68 is a PlanetBox. Three cheers for the bento!

Lunchbox #64: Mandarin segments, pepperoni & cheese, orzo, apples & blackberries, pulled pork sandwich32089657_10102909411612913_928500959355600896_n.jpg

Lunchbox #65: Sweet potatoes (roasted w coconut oil & cinnamon), hard-boiled egg, cheese cubes, raspberries & kiwiIMG-4390

Lunchbox #66: Banana & peanut butter “sandwiches”, cheese, fruit saladIMG_4359

Lunchbox #67: Banana & berries, popcorn, pulled pork, broccoli, edamame32130374_10102909416937243_9017497366546087936_n

Lunchbox #68: Chopped veggies, salmon, pita & cheese, strawberriesimg_2846


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