A Mexican breakfast: Huevo con sopitas

All cultures have found great ways to use food items that are no longer in their prime. Think bread puddings to use up stale bread or frittatas to use left over ingredients. In Mexico, a good way to use up corn tortillas that are no longer soft is to make “huevo con sopitas” (can be also known as “huevo con migas” in certain areas of the country). This dish is pretty much just eggs scrambled with fried corn tortilla pieces, but at home I add a couple more ingredients to make it interesting.


  • Eggs
  • 1 corn tortilla per egg that you would like to use
  • Ham (one deli slice per egg or to your liking)
  • Chopped onions (a bit less than the amount of ham you have)
  • Salt and pepper


Heat some canola oil in a pan and set at a low-medium heat. Once hot, add the tortillas and fry them. You will need to stir constantly to make sure you get an even browning. If you prefer to avoid the oil, you can also toast them in a toaster oven – the recipe works, but the pan fry method results in a tastier dish.

The tortillas chopped up and prior to frying

Once the tortillas have a light brown color, salt them and add the onions and ham. Cook until the onion is translucent and your tortillas are golden.

Almost ready for the eggs

Once done, add your eggs, pepper them and scramble until cooked.

Serve immediately.

Finished plate – with a few speckles of spinach

I hope you enjoy the recipe. The texture of the tortillas is so good. You get some crunchy areas, and some areas that have been softened by the egg. Traditionally, the tortillas get fried and scrambled with eggs and nothing else, but I have found the ham and the onion to be a nice addition. Even just the ham and the tortillas are really good because the ham adds that extra saltiness and flavor. If you want to make them spicy, you can add chopped jalapeños when you add the onion and ham.

Be careful not to add anything with a high moisture level, or your tortillas will get soggy. Before thinking of this, one time I added tomato – the flavor was great and worth considering and making if you have a baby with no teeth, but the tortillas lose all their crunch and wonderful texture.



(Sophia – Toddler)

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