Lunchboxes #54-58

Another week’s worth of Simon lunches! Hope you can find some inspiration in here. A reminder, too, that he doesn’t ever (seriously, never) eat all this stuff, but what he does choose to eat often surprises. Creamy potato salad? No thanks. A pile of spiced chickpeas with feta and capers? YES, and more capers, please (like, what?).

Don’t be afraid to give seemingly weird stuff a try. Even if they’ve left it behind before, you never know – they may surprise you.

Box #54: Re-purposed breakfast-for-dinner (we had baked smashed potatoes, topped with fried eggs, with roasted asparagus & fruit) – leftover potatoes and asparagus, a less-messy hard-boiled egg, strawberries & grapesimg_2663

Box #55: Chickpea salad (recipe here), tomato & cucumber slices, cantaloupe img_2697

Box #56: “There are no leftovers in the fridge” – pita wedges & green pepper slices, hummus, cheese & ham, strawberriesimg_2699

Box #57: Potato salad, grilled chicken, green beans, plumsimg_2695

Box #58: Potato, broccoli, & cheddar frittata, cherry tomatoes, peas, grapesimg_2701

Sarah Blackburn (Simon, pre-primary)

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