A week in the life (and lunches #49-53)

So I talk over and over again about how we re-purpose dinner leftovers as lunch. I thought it might be useful for folks to see that in action. What follows is a week in our food-life – how we meal plan, what we make for dinner, and how we turn that into lunch.

This all typically starts on Saturdays, when we usually do our grocery shopping. I’m generally more picky about what we eat, and I enjoy cooking and poking around for new recipes, so it’s usually up to me to pull together a meal plan and shopping list. I try to plan for meals that use any leftover ingredients we have in the fridge, for relative ease of preparation, and for variety throughout the week. For a typical week, I usually plan for 6 dinners – assuming we’ll get takeout or go out one day. This time, I was doing the shopping on Friday, so planned for one more day than normal.

Here’s a shot of the week’s meal plan and shopping list:img_2753

Where we’re lacking in creativity is breakfast. Breakfast basically always consists of some combination of fruit, toast, yogurt, eggs, cereal, or oatmeal, which typically just means buying some extra fruit and making sure we’re stocked on milk and yogurt. Maybe boring, but easy.

With a weekly meal (dinner) plan, I usually just pull together a list of 6 dinners, but don’t plan which day we’re having which thing – which gives me some flexibility to do what I’m feeling (and what we have time for) throughout the week.


Breakfast: Pancakes & fruit salad

Lunch: Went out (checked out Little Saint after the Monument 10K – recommend the kids mac n cheese to everyone, omg 🤤)

Dinner: We made grilled chicken (chicken thighs, used spice mix, grilled) and kale salad (recipe). My parents were in town, we didn’t have leftovers, and I forgot to snap a picture.


img_2759Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast, fruit

Lunch: Went out (took advantage of the warm weather and went to the patio at Union Market)

Dinner: The weather was awesome, so we grilled the salmon (with olive oil, lemon juice, honey, salt & pepper), and made this veggie side with lemon-tarragon butter (it was delicious, but labor-intensive – definitely a weekend thing).


Breakfast: Yogurt & fruit

Lunch (box #49): Leftover Sunday dinner, celery and peanut butter, mango

Dinner: Baked sausage, cannellini beans, & swiss chard (w lemon, dijon, paprika, olive oil & parm)


Breakfast: Toast w peanut butter & jam, scrambled eggs

Lunch (box #50): Leftover sausage & beans with parm, kale chips, tomatoes, apple slices

Dinner: Pan-fried shrimp, salad


Breakfast: Cheerios & milk, strawberries

Lunch (box #51): Fresh veggies, leftover shrimp, pistachios, cheddar cheese, strawberries

Dinner: Steak tacos (grilled skirt steak, guac, queso fresco). We decided to take advantage of the one warm day of the week and all cram onto our tiny table on the porch. Forgot to get a picture until we were almost done, but you get the idea.


img_2769Breakfast: Toast w peanut butter and jam, yogurt, apple slices

Lunch (box #52): Cheese quesadilla w guac, leftover steak (w onions & cilantro), tomatoes, apple slices

Dinner: Creamy pasta & peas (recipe here). I definitely recommend this. Was a great, simple, weeknight dinner, came together easy, and was deliciously creamy, but the addition of some herbs and a healthy amount of black pepper made it feel not too heavy.


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast w cream cheese, mango

Lunch (box #53): Leftover pasta & peas, green pepper slices, boiled egg, mango

Dinner: Chinese takeout


Breakfast: Went out to the Fancy Biscuit – one of the very few places open at 8 on the weekends.

Lunch: Leftovers smorgasbord

Dinner: Salmon burgers (chopped up salmon, egg, panko, onion) w avocado spread (mashed avocado, a little mayo, lime, salt & pepper), and sliced cucumbers and tomatoes (like a super lazy salad)


There you have it! A week’s worth of Blackburn food.

This week, we’re working our way through:

  • Pork chop, zucchini, & sweet potatoes
  • Broiled salmon w citrus, rice, snow peas
  • Spaghetti
  • Roast chicken, brussels sprouts, potatoes
  • Chef salad
  • Chicken pot pie

What are your favorite things to have for dinner (especially during the week when you have exactly 10 seconds to pull something together)?

Sarah Blackburn (Simon, pre-primary)


2 thoughts on “A week in the life (and lunches #49-53)

  1. Kristen House

    ok… ARE YOU A PROFESSIONAL FOOD BLOGGER?? I want my weekly meals to look like this! We eat tacos 6/7 days of the week… But meal planning makes me so tired. I want spontaneity which leads to eating tacos 6/7 days of the week.

    1. Haha! No, absolutely not. But thank you! And tacos are amazing. They let kids choose what they want and how they want to build it, are great for using up random leftovers, and are somehow delicious no matter what you put in them. I am fully on board with a diet of at least 50% tacos 😉

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