Lunchboxes #44-48

Next up in our quest to prove that yes, you can really pack anything in a lunch box, here are five more Simon lunches!

Box #44: corn bread, baked tilapia, spinach, strawberriesimg_2681

Box #45: leftover pizza (ham, mushroom, green pepper), green beans, olives & yellow cherry tomatoes, mango slicesimg_2661

Box #46: Leftover lettuce wraps (ground chicken, onions, waterchestnuts in sauce, lettuce leaves), sliced carrots, boiled egg, grapefruit segmentsimg_2650

Box #47: Leftover spaghetti (cut up for less mess), kale chips, olives & feta, grapesimg_2656

Box #47: Grilled tomatoes, steamed broccoli, pork loin, bread & cheese, kiwi & strawberriesimg_2657

Sarah Blackburn (Simon, pre-primary)

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