Lunchboxes #39-43

Another week’s worth of Simon lunches!

#39: Chicken salad (leftover roast chicken, mayo, grapes, celery, tarragon), pita bread, avocado chunks, cheddar slices, olivesimg_2619

#40: Eggplant, mushroom, & bok choy stir fry w noodles, sliced carrots, hard boiled egg, blueberriesimg_2620

#41: Disassembled quinoa bowl (quinoa w feta & dressing, roasted yellow beets, roasted kale) & grapesimg_2651

#42: Sheet-pan dinner (baked chicken thighs, roasted squash & broccoli) w grapes & blueberriesimg_2632

#43: Pickled red cabbage, plain yogurt, smashed-baked potatoes, sausage, and apple slices (and last-minute dollop of peanut butter upon request)img_2639

Hope you find some useful ideas in here!

Sarah Blackburn (Simon, pre-primary)

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