Lunchboxes #34-38

We may be on spring break this week, but, uh, in case you want to start thinking about next week’s lunches?

Some lunches where we don’t rely so heavily on olives and cheese! Per usual, this is all comprised of night-before leftovers and things I could quickly pull out of the fridge. Only thing that was prepared morning-of was the scrambled egg in box #35. This approach works really well for us – gives him a lot of variety throughout the week, with minimal effort on our part, particularly in the mornings (hooray!).

#34: Potato wedges, ham, fresh veggies (carrots, celery, cucumbers, lettuce), and pineapple. IMG_2601

#35: Chicken and mushroom stir fry (from a frozen Trader Joe’s dinner), leftover fried & white rice, a scrambled egg, pear & blueberries.IMG_2603

#36: Baked sweet potato, shredded roast chicken, spinach, pineapple & blueberries. IMG_2604

#37: Yellow rice, pork tenderloin, tomato wedges, spinach, grapes & blueberries.IMG_2607

#38: Boiled egg, smashed potatoes, green beans, tuna w capers & olives, tomato wedges, & a little goat cheese.IMG_2618

Hope you found this edition of “what’s in Simon’s lunch” helpful! As always, please share your lunch ideas! We can always use more.

Sarah Blackburn (Simon, pre-primary)

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