Four more Lunchboxes (#30-33)

While we do tend to make use of leftovers for lunch (see boxes 31, 32, & 33 below), sometimes, our fridge is pretty empty and we have to come up with things on the fly. So, for lunchbox #30, I bring you, fridge scrap lunch. Grilled cheese, baby carrots (can be steamed for littles who don’t do really crunchy stuff yet), avocado slices, citrus segments & strawberries.


Now back to our regular programming: leftovers and other stuff. On the whole, I try to make sure there is at least one thing from each of the major food groups (fruit, veg, dairy, protein, carb), and as much as I can, try to include variety in colors and textures. Didn’t realize until pulling all these together just how much we rely on cheese and olives, but, ya know, whatever works.

To make rounding this stuff up easier on ourselves, we pack the leftovers we’ll be using in his lunch as part of our dinner clean-up process. Depending on how ambitious we’re feeling, will either finish packing the whole thing that evening, or add fruit and whatever other odds and ends in the morning.

Lunchbox 31: Pizza, steamed broccoli, olives, berries


Lunchbox 32: Roasted potatoes, fish, and asparagus, olives & cheese, tangerine segments & blueberries


Lunchbox 33: Mac & cheese, peas, olives & pickled beets (seems weird – he loves them), grapes & blueberries


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