It’s Spring Daily Soup Time!

With the Spring 2018 Daily Soup Drive upon us (March 16-29), it seems like a good time for a refresher on this integral program in Central’s curriculum. Please look for flyers and envelopes in your child’s folder to participate in the drive! Or, go to to make your payment online.


So, uh, what IS daily soup?

Glad you asked! Daily Soup is part of Central Montessori School’s educational curriculum. It is a time when children and teachers come together to prepare, cook, serve and enjoy fresh-cooked foods together. Daily Soup is not a substitute for a child’s parent-prepared snack or lunch. Rather, it is a chance for children to learn the very basics of practical life in the kitchen.

Through Daily Soup, children can try new foods and practice sharing, serving, and manners. They learn that eating healthily is both delicious and very doable with a little forethought and creativity. It is also another opportunity to learn about other cultures, geographic locations, measurements, etc.

To learn more about the program, visit the Daily Soup info page on this website, and feel free to contact your PAC Nutrition Committee members with any questions:

Kathryn Robinson:

Sarah Robb:

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