Frozen yogurt granola cups

The other day I tried a recipe I found online for frozen yogurt granola cups, and really enjoyed them. They are great to grab a breakfast on the go or for an anytime snack.

They pretty much consist of granola, yogurt, a nut butter and some honey and are very simple to make. There is only a third of a tablespoon of nut butter and a third of a tablespoon of the honey in each, so it is not very much. How healthy these are, will depend mostly on the granola and yogurt you pick.

This recipe is perfect to have kids help you – read the recipe and depending on your kids ages, they might be able to make it on their own by following directions while you work on something else in the kitchen and assisting as needed.

The original recipe is here:

My results:


My changes and tips:

  1. Instead of peanut butter, I used almond butter, simply because I like it better and it came out great.
  2. I used plain yogurt and really enjoyed it. I usually don’t like plain yogurt by itself as it is too tart for me, but in these cups it works great because you take a bite and the yogurt balances off from the sweetness of the granola layer. Granola already has sugar on its own, and then you added some honey, so my recommendation is to use plain, but all kinds of yogurts work. Also, I felt the yogurt tasted less tart when frozen
  3. The sliced almonds was our favorite topping, and added a great crunch.
  4. The chocolate shavings had a great flavor, but next time I would do small chocolate chips instead. The shavings are so tiny they immediately melt in your mouth – not bad, but chips would give a better contrast.
  5. The frozen blueberries were our least favorite topping – we love blueberries, but in this case they are frozen and too big – maybe cut in quarters?
  6. I initially thought that the amount of nut butter and honey was not enough as the granola didn’t seem coated enough, so I added one more tablespoon of each. Now I think that was not necessary as I can see some extra “liquid” frozen at the bottom of the cups. Not much though, and they still came great with that extra – but if in doubt, press the granola to see if it stays together. If it does, you have enough!
  7. I stored in the freezer just in the tray. After a week or so, the top of the remaining cups looked a bit freezer-dried. Next time I will store in a zip-lock bag.
  8. When you first take out the cup from the freezer, the paper is impossible to take off… it comes like it was a sticker in your new kitchen containers!!! But if you wait just a minute, it’s no problem! So be patient, and wait a bit before removing the paper cup.

Hope you enjoy them!


(Sophia – Toddler room)

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