More lunchbox ideas!

As I mentioned on a previous post, Sophia gets two of these containers a day for a total of four items a day.  I feel that gives her enough variety without overwhelming her with the options (and me with the prepping).

Here are some of the boxes I have sent:

Scrambled eggs with ham, onion, tomato and spinach – Slices of smoked mozzarella and mandarin slices.019f37381892cfdf9849dd3a33d0857fc9cabbca85

Quinoa (one of her favorites) – sauteed zucchini


Corn on the cob (a current favorite as well) – Shredded chicken


Pork with onions, tomato and kale – Pasta shells (always a hit)


Hope this gives you at least one new idea!


(Sophia – Toddler room)

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