Tiny helper & lunchbox #28

A great way to both (1) get my kid interested in what he’s eating (and more willing to eat what’s in front of him) and (2) lessen the after-school-but-pre-dinner meltdown is to find a way to get him involved in dinner prep. The other day, that meant avocado chopper and bowl-assembler.

For dinner, we had quinoa bowls, topped with sweet potato, broccoli, and avocado, with a sesame-ginger dressing (dressing recipe here, though I swapped the olive oil and balsamic vinegar for vegetable oil & rice vinegar: https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/ginger-sesame-dressing-238744). This dinner is quick, healthy, and easy to scale up for kid or adult lunches. He also (not pictured) manned the food processor to blend the dressing.


I’ve also found, particularly in lunches, things are better-received if they’re not all mixed together, so, for the next-day’s lunch, I split out the components of the bowls, put a non-messy amount of dressing on the quinoa (under the sweet potatoes), and added some tangerine segments & blueberries. Easy peasy.

What are some jobs your kids have to help out in the kitchen?

Sarah Blackburn (Simon, pre-primary)

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