Lunchbox #27

Inside Simon’s Lunch Box: Extreme Leftovers Edition.

Behold, the double leftover: leftovers re-purposed as dinner, then used as lunch. Like Becky, roasted salmon and some veggies that can go in the oven along with it is a go-to quick, healthy dinner in our house. We also like to roast more salmon than we could eat, and turn the leftovers into salmon patties later in the week (usually about 1/2 lb leftover salmon, an egg, ~1/4 c bread crumbs, & seasoning to taste – mix, form into patties, fry off in a little olive oil until golden brown on top & bottom).


Here, you have one of those salmon patties, leftover squash roasted with coconut oil & some cinnamon (pro tip from another CMS parent), un-frozen peas, and grapefruit sections and pom seeds. Pomegranate seeds are another one of my faves – super healthy, you have to do some work up front, but they keep forever in the fridge and are so easy and un-messy to snack on or throw in a lunch box.

Anybody else make their leftovers do double-duty?

Sarah Blackburn (Simon, pre-primary)

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