Maclauchlan Family Weekly Meal Prep

Chris and I work full time and bath time for our youngest starts at 6:30, so homecooked meals are a challenge for us. (Bad eczema means baths every night!) I’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home most Mondays. That means I sit at the kitchen island with my laptop while circulating trays of vegetables through the oven. Other than the prep work of chopping everything, it’s a pretty hands-off process. And roasting the veggies gives them that nice caramelized exterior – yum! This way we have plenty of vegetable options for dinners and lunches all week. I also try to roast a whole chicken if I have the time and marinade another cut of quick cooking meat (think skirt steak) for a night later in the week.

This week I roasted:

  • Broccoli (olive oil)
  • Cauliflower (olive oil to roast and then toss with this tahini sauce from Trader Joe’s)
  • Butternut squash (olive oil & maple syrup)
  • Carrots (olive oil & za’atar)
  • Sweet potatoes (coconut oil & cinnamon)
  • Acorn squash (olive oil, maple syrup & cinnamon)

Avery (primary) & Stella (infant)

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