Pizzaz pasta

IMG_4574We make Daily Soup, and this week we made Pizzaz pasta, or eggplant pasta. As you can probably tell, Daily Soup is not always soup.

We are going to tell you how to make pizzaz pasta. We made this recipe on 10-5-17 and 10-6-17.

  1.  We sliced and diced tomatoes big and small and we put them in the crock pot.


2.    We added basil, pepper, salt and cilantro.


3.  Then we waited five hours, we put the crock pot on low, had it sit for the night and the next day it was done and delicious!

IMG_4598 Then, we sliced eggplant into pasta-like pieces and browned them on a skillet for 5-9 min.

  Then we shredded zucchini and browned it with shallots. We added salt and italian spice to the zucchini and kept it on for 5-9 min.


We decided to cut the eggplant into a kind of pasta shape and shave the zucchini so they stood in for wheat pasta.

When we finished serving we got a lot of positive comments. “ It tasted really good, you did a great job making it.” Says one teacher. “You should be really proud of yourselves.” Said another teacher. When we tasted it, we enjoyed it a lot!    

Serving Daily Soup

  Made by – Chloe, Maya, Elliot, Phoebe, Rowan, Zosha, Declan, Hamilton, Camilla and Jayden M.

6 thoughts on “Pizzaz pasta

  1. Anonymous

    This is so wonderful! You did a nice job with the words and images documenting the process, and I’m happy that it turned out tasty!

  2. Alena King

    Wow! This looks so tasty! I really like how you were so creative with cutting the eggplant into a pasta shape. I can’t wait to make this at home.

  3. Keith Malatesta

    Eggplant is one of those veggies that are hard to figure out what to do with! (Other than eggplant parm). I am going to try this… sounds good!

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