“Well-Built” Family Food

One of our family’s favorite spots to eat is Palani Drive in the near west end (Libbie and Grove).  Palani is easy, healthy, fun, inexpensive and super family friendly.  We’ve been hitting this small gem up since before we even imagined we’d have a tiny human, or even getting hitched for that matter!  It’s the kind of place where the bartender (adult beverages!) and the owner know you by name and always welcome you with a smile. I’d even go as far to say that the first meal I had post birth at St. Mary’s hospital, was a to-go Tuscan Chicken Quesadilla in my hospital bed (thanks, hubby). 

Jeff, the owner, an avid bike racer, named the cozy spot after a road in Hawaii where the Ironman Triathlon takes place. Inspired by the spirit of Hawaii and racing, Palani supports various races and teams. They are committed to supporting the community and charitable events. 

With an inviting front patio, shaded by a white and red striped awning, you can either bask in the cooler fall weather, or head inside to grab a seat.  The menu is filled with healthy, freshly made dishes ranging from an impressive list of smoothies, pasta of the day, famous hummus wrap or seasonally prepared white chicken chili.  Our favorites include the hummus tabbouleh wrap, quesadillas (Tuscan of course) and my all-time hero — the Shenandoah Wrap (grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, grilled apples, smoked gouda, spinach, sherry walnut dressing, flour tortilla) — yes please.

Check it out, let me know if you love it as much as we do, and tell Jeff and Kat, Maggie says hello!


Harper Nicolas’s mama, Maggie (Ms. Jackie’s pre-primary class)

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