Its that time of year again………..Daily SOUP!

As we quickly approach fall it becomes time to run our semi-annual Daily Soup drive!

Contributing to Daily Soup is a lovely part of your contract with CMS. The fresh foods are used in classrooms to prepare a delicious vegetarian meal which is shared with all friends.

Each family can bring in a piece of fresh produce per week, or you can donate twice a year to the daily soup drive! The funds raised for daily soup are then used to purchase a farm share from a local CSA or for relay produce boxes during the winter months.

This fall the drive is running through September 26th. Our suggested donation is $30 per primary or elementary child.   We are planning to purchase 2 fall shares from Broadfork farm  and then use the remainder of the money to purchase from Relay Foods during the winter months.

You can donate in cash or by check there will be an envelop at reception!

Thanks in advance for your donations!

— Sarah


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