Which box to buy?

Hi Central eaters!

By way of introduction, I’m Sarah, Joe Chiaramonte’s mum, a new central eats blogger! Joe has been at CMS for nearly 2 years now (Ms Parham’s class) and we couldn’t be happier.

One of the many things that drew us to CMS was the food policy. Both Joe’s Dad, Jay, and I grew up with “self sufficient” parents who grew or raised most of our diet. We strive to give Joe a more moderate yet natural based diet.

Before we joined CMS I did a lot of research on lunch boxes.

I hate plastic ware! I know, strong words, but not only does it clutter up the kitchen cupboards, break, leak and stain, but as a former cancer researcher I do not feel comfortable storing my foods in plastic.

So my mission was to find something not plastic, preferably stainless steel, that would withstand daily trips to school, not leak, wash easily, and was kind to the planet.

My research bought me to the Planet Box http://planetbox.com/collections/lunchboxes

We could not be more happy with it over the last 2 years. The bag was a little challenging to keep clean when Joe was younger but does go in the washing machine, despite the directions saying not. We have had to replace the bag once but now have 2 boxes which we rotate.

Here’s a picture of one of Joe’s lunches in his Planet Box.

Apples, Grapes, Banana, some mixed nuts, pitta bread, salad, and leftover eggplant Parmesan

Do you have a favorite Lunch box system? or even one you don’t recommend?

4 thoughts on “Which box to buy?

  1. Amanda Steeley

    This is great info! I haven’t even taken into consideration the effects of plastic on my children, but if there’s a potential for harm and other options are available, why not explore them? Thank you, Sarah! Now how can I get one of these with the lunch already in it….? Yum yum 😉

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