Fruit market Germany

Do you frequently forget to bring in your weekly contribution to Daily Soup?

Comite de Comida & Relay Foods have an easy solution so you can forget about it until the Spring Go to Relayfoods.com, buy a gift card for CMS and we will do the shopping for you. When your Gift card is $25 or more, Relay will add $25!  Just enter CMS in the message box at checkout.

Help us keep the winter Daily Soup program thriving by purchasing your cards between now and Jan. 18, 2013.

5 thoughts on “DAILY SOUP REMINDER

      1. Maybe they just figure that Yachimovich is not a real theart because she’s going to struggle to get more than 12 seats. In contrast, Derei could steal a large number of votes from Shas and Likud and has left-wing views of foreign policy (he was Shas’s representative in the talks with Peres that created the Dirty Trick).

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