Fall Daily Soup

What vegetable brings out that fall feeling more than a beautiful butternut squash?

Before the friends in this class enjoyed eating the squash they prepared for their daily soup, they reproduced it with paper, glue and a punch pin, using the seeds from the squash to create their own on paper.

One thought on “Fall Daily Soup

  1. I love the new look too. Thank you for being you, and for opening ysueorlf up to all of us who know and love you and Dan. Thank you for still talking about Asher, so we know it\’s ok to talk about him too.We continue to pray for April and her baby. Keep up the good work with her! How far along do you think she is? Do you have any idea of when she is due? It seems you two have a growing relationship. My prayer is that the love of Christ that you share with her will open her heart to His greatness!!!Love You!!!Angela

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