Cool Tools

This weeks post is on kitchen tools. I suppose I am a closeted gadget freak. I get really excited about new kitchen implements while pretending outwardly (to my wife) that they are nothing but clutter. Well, I guess there is no turning back. There are four items that I think are really cool and you might like to try them out in your kitchen if you haven’t already.
The first item is the trusty apple corer. This thing is sweet- It makes eating apples interesting for little friends and saves time. A little nut butter or a dash of lemon juice and we are rocking.
Next up is the humble peeler. An unsung workhorse in most drawers, this old tool actually has some pretty versatile applications. Sure, potatoes and carrots, but how about peeling a mango? I feel so happy to know about that one. It not only peels, but can do great prep work with vegetables as well: shaved carrots are awesome on salad, cheese too. Shaved potatoes in hot oil are pretty nice- you have to press down hard for that one though.
Some old spoon you say? Not so fast. Notice the drinking hole at the tip of the handle. It is connected to another opening on the bottom of the spoon-bowl. I don’t personally use this one, but it really seems to make liquid meals a blast for kids. I will warn you that if the user becomes too engrossed in their cereal eating there tends to be spillage on the table opposite the handle-end, which is every time my son eats.


Last but possibly most awesome is the corn cutter. I am not sure if this particular design is new or not, but we recently received one as a gift and it is the real deal. Cutting corn from the cob with a knife is perilous and for me, often wasteful. This thing cuts a pre-measured swath of golden-delicious corn kernels every time. We didn’t waste a single ear of corn all summer! Just cut all the extra into a bowl for a salad or mix with batter for corn cakes. My mom makes this corn pudding, but it is not necessarily Montessori-approved. Happy kerneling!


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