Lunchbox Pic #11

Check out this spread, chocked with good ideas.  Tiny pickles, apple, cheese sandwich and ants on a log, via celery, cream cheese and freeze-dried strawberries.

3 thoughts on “Lunchbox Pic #11

  1. Amy W

    I put those sweet baby gerkins in lunches regularly. Sometimes paired with baby carrots. Prob not much nutritional value, but a nice crunchy treat!

  2. Anonymous

    Great ideas I bet Isaac would love the leery and strawberries! And they’re in season!! What nutritional value do pickles have? (no judgement actually just asking)!?

    1. Anonymous

      Hmmm, Nutritional value of pickles… probably not so much. Some fiber and vitamins, being a veggie. If dill, then vinegar, which has lots of benefits, though not necessarily nutritional.

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