April 1st Yard Salad

Here’s an early-April favorite around our house – yard salad.  I mean, what can you say bad about this?  It’s a panoply of whole foods, identifiable ingredients, no additives or weird unpronouncable ingredients.  It’s ultra local, right out of your yard, of the freshest spring flora, so you know where your food is coming from.  Plus it’s easy and fun for the little ones to help with.

Ingredients really depend upon your yard and time of year, but here we have:

  • some grass clippings and early poplar leaves as a base of greens
  •  a wedge of kindling leftover from winter
  • some early violet leaves and bloom
  • sweetgum balls
  • a few cankerworms thrown in (inch worms), as they are in abundance!
  • some pine needles for color
  • and garnish of azalea bloom
  • crumble a pinch of dried oak flower over top, and have at it! (with lots of water to wash down)

We would love to hear what yard salads others are whippin’ up these days.  Tell us at centraleats@gmail.com!

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