Quick thanks, quick note

First, thanks to many of you who have submitted lunchbox photos to us at centraleats@gmail.com lately, not only for the giveaway, but also just to contribute.  It is wonderful to have this prime content to post.  Be looking for it.

And, I want to remind everyone that the point of CentralEats is not to show off, but just to show it – the lunchbox, the lunch item, the fun food-related whatever.  In fact the simpler, the more basic, the better.  Go ahead, share the ones you are proud of.  They are welcomed and beautiful and valuable, indeed.  But please don’t forget to send the ones you think are boring, too.  These are the easy stand-bys that we don’t want to overlook.

Thank you all for every thing you are sharing for this blog.  As well as comments!  You can do it anonymously.  You don’t have to sign in.  Just chime in.


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