Pancake Ramp-up

Posting a quick tip here, in the spirit of the 4th Annual Central Montessori Pancake Breakfast, coming up on February 25th.  Pancakes, a plethora of toppings, raffle tickets are all $1 each, all to benefit Neighborhood Resource Center of Greater Fulton Hill.  If you’ve never been you owe it to your family – it is quite the Saturday morning throw-down, with plenty of fun activities for kids and adults to share.

Do be aware though that cash is a requirement.  No checks or credit cards.  It can be a great opportunity for little ones to work on the concepts of money and purchasing.


There’s the plug for the event, here’s the tip:

Those cookie cutters don’t have to be reserved for cookies!  They can make plain ol’ pancakes more fun, AND easier for little hands to cut up.  With one little step you can turn pancakes into Brontosauri and T. Rexes, or stars, little people, shapes, whatever have you.  Sorry, … parents have to eat the trimmings and broken heads.

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