Veggie Cubes,…

we call them, or more accurately veggie bouillon cubes.  There might be some who frown on the maltodextin, but this is essentially a natural sugar/energy source, not a preservative, in each cube, in very small amount.  Otherwise, these are basically tiny, concentrated blocks of spices (onions, yeast, carrot, turmeric, celery, parsley), some palm oil and sea salt.

Most commonly, veggie cubes are used to make a savory broth, when one wants to keep a soup vegetarian, or vegan.  We use them more broadly.  Rather than whole cubes we will take a pinch of a cube (not even a quarter cube) and toss it in water with veggies we are lightly boiling/steaming.  It dissolves quickly and gives a little more flavor to some veggies.  Veggie cubes add a nice touch of flavor to lightly boiled green beans, edamame, even pasta and rice. Surely there are other uses.  If you have your own favorite uses, do share (comment).

Contributed by the Bullucks.

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