Food in the Classroom, Food with Friends

Central Montessori has a very active Daily Soup program.  Everyday, teachers and children prepare a meal that they serve to one another and share.  Parents bring in one simple ingredient each Monday, which can add up to alot of ingredients for a week of meals.  During the months of June to December, Daily Soup ingredients are provided by a local farm, through a CSA farm share that Central Montessori families chip in to purchase.  The Daily Soup program is an invaluable tool to teach children practical life skills and science basics of cooking in the kitchen, as well as the benefits of healthy eating habits and sharing with others.  All meals are also logged in classroom cookbooks and recipe cards, which soon, will be appearring here!

In addition to the Daily Soup program, food also enters the Central Montessori curriculum through works and lessons centered around healthy food and eating habits.  This post provides a great example, via work completed by one of our Lower Elementary Friends.   Here, a tasting survey was conducted with ten classroom friends where all were asked to rank their favorite tastes among apples, lemons, grapes and carrots.  Initials were logged in a chart, results were tallied and findings were summarized in a pie graph, so that results could be communicated with Friends. 

Just another way that food is Central to us, not only as an obvious need for healthy bodies, but also as a vehicle for learning to feed a healthy mind.

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