just broccoli, steamed…

This might well be one that is obvious to some, but just the same, could be forgotten by others.   This is a standby in our house – probably 5 times a week, for one meal or another.   Its not always easy to strike it right, but here’s how we do it with minimal dishes and time and energy.

  • make one or two cuts to separate what you need from the base(s) of the larger stalk(s),
  • put about an inch of water in a small pot
  • place the large broccoli floret in the water, cover with glass lid and bring to a boil
  • boil for no more than 2 minutes
  • turn off heat, remove pot from heat and leave covered
  • keep check on the broccoli through the lid until you see the crisp, bright green (around 5-7 minutes).  Idea here is for it not to get past this stage, as crispness and taste dimish after that.
  • remove from water and sit it upside down on a towel to draw out remaining hot water
  • slice into smaller florets, dash with a little salt and/or nutritional yeast, if anything
  • let air cool (especially if you are going to put it in plastic containers)
  • if you are feeling hard core, and if you are confident in where your broccoli came from (i.e. that it was not sprayed in the field, etc.), drink the yummy, lime-green, vitamin-packed water

Contributed by the Bullucks

One thought on “just broccoli, steamed…

  1. Kathryn Purgason

    I almost feel guilty at the amount of broccoli we eat. But I take comfort in knowing it is one of the leading “superfoods” and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. I typically steam it and drizzle it with olive oil and a little salt, so good and so quick and easy.

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