Lunchbox Picks

Note the “k” in “Picks”.  This post is focused on the lunchboxes themselves, not the contents of them… and this post provides an answer to one of the questions we got from a Mom in the CentralEats inbox:

Our “lunchbox is way overdue to be replaced. I’m looking for ideas on what most parents are using. I’ve seen Bento boxes online that look pretty cool. Mostly I want flexibility…I give her Greek yogurt for lunch sometimes…I need that to stay cold. Quesadillas need to be warm…soup needs to stay hot. What is everyone else using ? And where did they get it? Thanks….”

So we reached out to parents and here’s what we got:

There is the option of assembling your own system: buy a lunchbox/bag of your choosing and assemble containers to go inside. For example, lunchboxes from Pottery Barn and Fit & Fresh containers for the inside.  This type of set up can certainly work just beautifully.

Then there are other options for buying whole systems or kits. Leaning more expensive, but one can justify that perhaps: they are sure to work (i.e. everything fits inside tightly, things don’t leak); they are likely durable/longlasting; and they are downright cool and fun.  Lots to consider when choosing which is right for you (e.g. BPA content, dishwasher safe, insulation for hot/cool, overall size and inside volume).  Here are a few of those suggested for you to peruse and critique on your own:


Zojirushi Ms. Bento Lunch Jar


Laptop Lunches


And here is a nice blogpost that has addressed some BPA-free options.

Hope this helped.  We have received several questions from parents that we are working on answering here on CentralEats.  And don’t forget, those of you who wish to ask casual/anonymous food questions, you can use the centraleats email address to ask ’em and we will provide the answers here.

And please don’t be shy about commenting here.  Surely, many of you could add other options for lunchboxes.

3 thoughts on “Lunchbox Picks

  1. Vince

    Rostov’s sells insulated “purses” that our girls really like. They are enormous and can fit just about anything, and even our style-conscious 4-year old is willing to carry them to school because they come in pink.

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