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Leftover Madness! Sweet Potato Pancakes and a Storage Solution.

Turns out I’m a horrible parent.  That’s the only explanation.  Why else would my children turn their noses up at roasted sweet potatoes?  My brothers and I drew blood fighting over the last scraps of sweet potatoes when we were … Continue reading

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Plain Jane with Chickpeas

This is a nice, mildly savory, wholesome way to get a good protein combo, plus kale in the body, in one pot.  Simple, delicious. Ingredients: around a 1/2 lb. fresh kale, cut to ribbons, stems striped out pasta, about a … Continue reading

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English Muffin Pizza

This one is prime for little hands on a mission, or big hands in a pinch. You can save this for a night when you’ve just no time but need a homerun. Ingredients: English muffins pizza sauce, or pesto, or … Continue reading

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A Snack for Practice

Nothing earth-shattering here as far as ingredients go.  In fact PB and bananas are a staple for snacks and breakfasts in our house.  But in this arrangement, it becomes a sweet way for little ones to work on hand-eye learning … Continue reading

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Lunchbox Picks

Note the “k” in “Picks”.  This post is focused on the lunchboxes themselves, not the contents of them… and this post provides an answer to one of the questions we got from a Mom in the CentralEats inbox: Our “lunchbox … Continue reading

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Lunchbox pic #3

  Picky Toddler Lunch Box!  This lunch has carrots, apples and grapes, and a peanut butter sandwich kept company by a pair of dates.  Never underestimate the power of the peanut butter sandwich.  A big dose of calories—in the form … Continue reading

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Grain griddle cakes

Awesome way to turn leftover rice, or rice and beans into a warm, crispy side, or main course. Ingredients 2 eggs (flax eggs, or energy egg replacer could work too) 1/2 cup soymilk (or dairy) 1.5 cup rice, or rice and … Continue reading

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