Richmond Food Collective and Home-Preserved Food Swap

If you are looking to connect to the Richmond local food scene, you should check out the Richmond Food Collective blog.  Written by a group of Richmond locavores from all walks of life, RFC is a great resource for, as they put it, “eating local, organic, whole and sustainable in the Greater Richmond community.”

In addition to regular blog posts on everything from gardening to fantastic recipes to small kitchen renovation to local food businesses, the Richmond Food Collective also features a series of posts called “local resources.”  These are lists of local farmers’ markets, CSAs, books, u-pick farms, and more.  The most recent post is a list of  great local restaurants.

Even more exciting, RFC is organizing a preserved food swap on November 5, from 3-5, for folks to get together to trade home canned, dried, or frozen foods.   If you’re looking to trade some of those 3-dozen pints of chutney you made this summer for someone else’s home-preserved creation, you might want to check it out.   You’ve got to register to find out where it is by emailing with your name, your products, and how much you will be bringing.  Maybe I’ll see you there!

One thought on “Richmond Food Collective and Home-Preserved Food Swap

  1. Barb Upchurch

    Frog Bottom Farm Share Peeps…please submit recipes for the vegtables we are getting in the farm share if you have ’em. Like the baked kale!

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